Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Wisconsin

When you own a boat or other type of watercraft, keeping it covered with insurance is important. Having this insurance to protect yourself against enormous expenses is always helpful. In Wisconsin, it isn't required by the state that you get boat insurance. However, there are a lot of marinas in the state that do. And if you're financing your boat, your lender will also require it. Even if it isn't required, you still need to have this insurance for your financial protection. When you need boat insurance in Wisconsin, call us at Choice 1 Insurance Agency in New Richmond, WI.

Boating and Watercraft Accidents

Boating accidents happen constantly, and the consequences can be financially devastating if you don't have boat insurance. If you're judged at fault for an accident on the water, you would be responsible for the other party's medical bills and property damage costs. These can be extremely expensive, and many people wouldn't be able to pay for them. When you have boat liability coverage, it will cover these costs. Boat insurance works much like auto insurance and having at least liability coverage is highly recommended.

Other Boat Coverage

When you have a lender for your boat, they will often require you to have collision and comprehensive insurance to protect their investment. Collision coverage covers the cost of the damages to your boat or other watercraft from an accident. Comprehensive coverage protects your craft when it isn't out on the water. These are essential types of coverage for accidents and other incidents that can damage your boat.

Get Boat Insurance in Wisconsin

To get started with a boat policy, call us at Choice 1 Insurance Agency in New Richmond, WI. We can tell you more about this type of insurance and help you get started with a boat or watercraft policy of your own.