Motor Home Insurance in Wisconsin

A motorhome is a type of RV (recreational vehicle) typically larger and more luxurious with more living space. Usually, for insurance purposes, a motorhome is classified as a Class A RV due to its size. In Wisconsin, a motorhome needs a specialized policy that protects it on the road, like a vehicle, against liability and collision. When parked, it must be protected like a home against damage, theft, and disasters.

Insuring your motorhome is mandatory, and Choice 1 Insurance Agency in New Richmond, WI, offers motorhome policies that will protect your asset against common and not-so-common mishaps. Policies are tailored to personal circumstances. You may need the standard policy if you travel and use your motorhome all year round. But if you are using your motorhome for holidays only, you can save money by opting for a policy with a "storage option," which suspends some coverages like collision coverage during the months your motorhome is stored at home.

Motorhome Insurance Options

Wisconsin motorhome policies can be tailored, and you can decide which coverage to include and which to leave out.

  • Liability insurance is mandatory in New Richmond, WI. It covers costs related to damage and personal injury to others in the road accident.
  • Collision coverage will help you cover damages to your vehicle sustained in a road accident that is your fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage benefits those who use their motorhomes all year round or for most of the year. It protects your home against non-collision damage such as fire or theft.
  • Total Loss Replacement policy will reimburse the original price you paid for your motorhome in case of irreparable damage.
  • Vacation Liability Coverage will provide personal injury liability protection if someone is injured at your campsite or inside the motorhome while parked.
  • Emergency coverage is important, especially if you are traveling long distances. It will help with towing, repair, and hotel expenses until your motorhome is repaired and you can resume your journey.

As you see, many options are available to ensure your motorhome is adequately protected. To help you choose the most suitable coverage for your circumstances, visit Choice 1 Insurance Agency in New Richmond, WI, for an obligation-free quote.