Condo Insurance in Wisconsin

A condominium is a specific real estate ownership type in which an owner owns their unit and a small percentage of the common areas – a pool, hot tub, clubhouse, etc. - of what is usually a larger residential complex. Insurance for Wisconsin condos provides financial protection and coverage for the defined condominium unit, its residents, and their personal belongings. If you own (or plan to buy) a condo in and around New Richmond, WI, the licensed professionals at Choice 1 Insurance Agency can help you understand the condo insurance coverage options you can use to protect you, your family, and your condo.

Condominium insurance, which protects against events - like theft, fire, vandalism, etc., usually includes coverage for the following:

Dwelling Coverage

This covers the unit’s interior, including the defined area within the walls, ceilings, floor, fixtures, and permanently attached appliances.

Personal Property Coverage

This portion of the insurance coverage offers protection for you and your family’s personal belongings. Be sure to consider all your belongings – i.e., electronics, clothing, furniture, etc. as this is how to determine your appropriate coverage.

Liability Coverage

Liability protection is important if the insured is found responsible for another individual’s bodily injury or property damage. For instance, if a visitor or work person is injured in your unit, liability insurance can help cover legal fees and settlements.

Loss of Use Coverage

If you and your family are displaced due to a covered incident, temporary accommodations/food will be covered while the unit is being repaired. There are additional coverage options for Wisconsin condominium unit owners that help protect artwork, jewelry, and even identification theft, etc.

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